Subcritical CO2 Plants

CO2 refrigeration unit for supporting freezing services, ready for connection to a daisy-chained Freon system for condensation.

Formed by two or three scroll compressors, the first of which has continuous control with Digital capacity of 10 to 100%, which provides a stable intake pressure, adapted to the demands of each moment.

Rigid structure in folded steel sheet with a thickness of 5 mm and soundproofed closing panels, painted with polyester resins set in furnaces, rendering them extremely resistant to contaminating agents.

Integrated electric control and protection system. Electronic control system included, so that the whole system can be controlled in a daisy chain, with low compressors, high compressors and interim exchange with electronic expansion valves. This guarantees that the unit works properly by coordinating all parts of the system.

– Cooling power range: from 12.2 Kw to 67.5 Kw.